Laith Al Obaidi Motors
About Us

Laith Al Obaidi Motors is the authorized distributor of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram in the Republic of Iraq. We are in the automotive business for more than 5 decades with strong network thought out the territory of Iraq with state of the art facilities.


We started our automotive business in Iraq with strong emphasis on multi brand luxury vehicle trading both locally and internationally. With our visionary leader, Mr. Laith Al Obaidi’s farsightedness the company branched out of Iraq in search of new markets all around the globe. Laith Al Obaidi Group successfully established a wide and strong business network with in a short span of time. The group moved ahead and achieved many business milestones with more emphasis on our Chairman’s vision of becoming the successful automotive business house in the MENA region through creating loyal customers and engaged associates.

With a team of highly trained and motivated associates and banking on the strength of a wide spread network, Laith Al Obaidi Group is poised to make a significant impact in the way automotive sector functions in the territory of Iraq. Our five pillars of assurance on Best Value, Distinctive Service, Quality, Safety and Time has paved the way to our stupendous growth in customer loyalty and confidence through decades.

Iraq market has always welcomed Laith Al Obaidi group on our various endeavors in the automotive industry which had a strong foundation of “Customer First” approach. This is mainly due to the local cultural flavor of Iraq where the customer wants a special care when it comes to vehicle purchase or maintenance, which is our fortress and strength.